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Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens

Milano | Italy

Isola returns for its annual participation in the Milan Design Week, bringing with it its ever-growing global community of designers and design studios, to present in the district of Isola and not only, a vast series of forward-looking collections, exhibitions, and galleries with various events through the day like talks, workshops, and parties.


During Milan Design Week 2023, Isola is diving deep into the realm of regeneration, making it the main focus of Isola Design Festival’s 6th edition. A call to start a chain reaction of change. Inspiring all to rethink, regenerate, and remediate by gathering designers and design studios that have a common mission of going further beyond the sustainable, to make something really happen.

We must shape new guidelines for the design industry by rethinking the processes and production systems, regenerating natural resources and waste along with ethical morals, and finally remediating the harm to our planet with innovation. The next step must be taken now because Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens.

Milan Design Week 2023
18 - 23 April

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Whatsapp: +39 320 1357924
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