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by Isola Design District
Saturday 17 October 2020
Sunday 25 October 2020
04.00 - 14.00

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Price: Free

In occasion of Dutch Design Week, from October 17 to 25, will take place on our digital platform the online exhibition Materialized, a path between biomaterials and innovative sustainable furnishing.

In occasion of Dutch Design Week, from October 17 to 25, will take place on our digital platform the online exhibition Materialized, a path between biomaterials and innovative sustainable furnishing, that will let visitors discover what the future of design is holding for us, through the eyes and projects of some of the best design talents and material researchers in the world, who are all part of Isola Design Community.

The exhibit will focus on 3 themes: biomaterials, sustainable furnishing and Innovative techniques.



The exhibition starts with those who have concentrated their work on the development of new materials, like the ongoing researches of BIOTIC by Studio Lionne van Deursen or Biobased Calcáreo by Caro Pacheco.

Part of this category are also Romy Kaiser, with Kera-Plast, who presents cut human hair as a material base highlighting
that hair is a part of the renewable natural cycle and Carolina Giorgiani with butt_er, a material that gives new life to cigarette butts that can be found on beaches and in oceans all over the world.



Sustainable furnishing

A large number of the exhibitors also create functional design pieces with the sustainable materials at their disposal, showcasing innovative solutions for future home, work furniture and decor.
For example, with Mycelium Millennium Maria Pita Guerreiro imagines a new era in which biological resources, specifically Fungi and Mycelium, are used to grow a collection of everyday objects merging biofabrication and craft, or Halo by Philipp Hainke, which comes up with a stackable chair to demonstrate the strength and possibilities of a hemp and casein based sandwich-material.
The curatoratorial team of Isola Design District wanted to celebrate the beauty of recycled plastics as well, with a selection of designers like Wisse Trooster with his Circular wall lamp collection.



Innovative techniques

Across continents, the last group of designers of Materialized are paving the way for more sustainable solutions with innovative production techniques. For example, Rive Roshan takes sculpting to the next level with a special Bronze Edition of their 3D-printed Sand in Motion Collection, made with 98 percent Bavarian sand.
While, the innovative manufacturing company CooLoo, with collaboration between Dutch Designers Hugo de Ruiter and
Thed Konings, presents a disruptive and sustainable approach to the interior and art industry.

Lot of designers awaits you at Materialized and in our Digital District. Get ready!


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Exactly one month before the beginning of @dutchdesignweek and we are ready to fly to Eindhoven for the second time with a new event together with 30 international designers from our Design Community. From 17th to 25th October, the @penningsfoundation will host the Materialized exhibition, a journey through research projects on biomaterials and innovative sustainable furniture, to show visitors what the future of design has in store for us. This year there will also be @mariapitaguerreiro with Mycelium Millennium, a collection of everyday objects born from the growth of fungi and mycelium and manufactured using traditional craft techniques. The aim of the project is to raise questions about aesthetics and cultural acceptance, promoting the potential of this antibacterial, fireproof, heat-insulating and water-resistant material. Are you ready to fly with us? �?? Keep following us to stay up to date! #isoladesigndistrict #ddw20 #materialized . . . #isoladesigncommunity #designweek #designfurniture #furniture #vase #everydayobjects #designcommunity #myceliummillennium #work #loligoelectronics #city #milano #design #designer #instagood #beautiful #archilovers #archidaily #creativity #milanodesignweek #milan #ddw #dutchdesignweek #milandesignweek #salonedelmobile #designproduct #discovertheundiscovered

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