Isola Design Agenda - Dubai Design Week -One of Dubais most significant cultural occasions with a line-up of programs demonstrating their commitment to design Isola Design District
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Tuesday 08 November 2022
Sunday 13 November 2022
04.00 - 17.00
Dubai | United Arab Emirates

d3 Waterfront Terrace, Dubai Design District (d3)
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One of Dubai's most significant cultural occasions, with a line-up of programs demonstrating their commitment to design.
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Dubai Design Week, in strategic partnership with Dubai Design District (d3), returns for its eighth season, 8-13 November 2022 - providing individuals and companies with a platform to express design by ways of installations, exhibitions, and overall experiential mediums. The annual event is one of the region's most significant cultural occasions, with a line-up of programming, demonstrating Dubai's commitment to design. Held in the regional hub for design and creativity - d3 - Dubai Design Week looks at the impact of the ever-changing design landscape.

Isola is taking part for the first time in Dubai Design Week, in Downtown Design at stand F5. Following the event's international spirit of innovation, Isola will take a selection of designers coming from different countries and backgrounds but sharing the same objective: that of making design a tool that looks to the past to learn, to the present to connect, and to the future to grow.

The Downtown Design fair will take place from 9 - 12 November, starting at 12 pm - 8 pm.

The designers from Isola's community that will be participating are: Alexandre Labruyère, Anni Luce, Corpus Studio, Erika Cross, Galapagos, George Gera, Jules Vissers, Laetitia Jbeily, Nyxo Studio, Pepe Valenti, Sari Rikken, SenzaQuadro, Studio Paola Sakr, Testatonda, Wisse Trooster, Yakin Beirut, Yousef Zaher

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