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10 Concept That Every Designer Should Know By Now /part 02
In our previous article, part 01, we have explaine...
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Get Ready To Turn The Act Of Eating Into A Multisensory Experience With Designer Teresa Berger's Collection Beyond Taste
written by Isola Design District
Based on the thesis behind a new interdisciplinary science called Gastrophysics, which applies principles from neuroscience, physics, and chemistry to unders
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Aureus: Discover The New Biological Solar Panels Produced By Agricultural Food Waste
written by Isola Design District
To ease the access to clean and renewable energy for climate change mitigation and local agriculture industry support, engineering student Carvey Ehren Maigu
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Discover "19 Chairs": A Project Developed By Tom And Will Butterfield To Keep The Creativity Alive During The Lockdown For Charity Purposes
written by Isola Design District
19 chairs built in 19 days, delivered to 19 locations, reworked by 19 creatives during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.  Aiming to celebrate the
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